CfP: “The Philosophies of Stan Lee”

Call for Papers
This is an invitation for scholars to submit an essay proposal to be included in “The Philosophies of Stan Lee” for the University Press of Mississippi as part of their internationally respected publications in the field.This work is to celebrate the significant contributions made by Stan Lee as one of the most influential individuals in 20th century popular culture. Thus, I am seeking academics who possess a strong familiarity with his work and most importantly, can provide well-reasoned argumentation that is supportive of the book’s aim. Since this project is an appreciation of the man and his creativity it is the aim for it to be available for what would have been Lee’s 100th birthday in 2022.

Audience: Undergraduate university students in 1st/2nd year philosophy and / or comics studies.Writing style: accessible, serious and philosophically rigorous.

The collection seeks to offer philosophical analyses of a broad range of Lee’s endeavours based upon such things as:
•            Specific superhero characters
•            Non-superhero characters
•            Specific storylines and arcs
•            Historical eras in Comics (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze)
•            Various genres (e.g., Western, Horror, Humour)
•            Stan’s Soapbox
•            POW! Projects
•            Outside projects & collaborations (including educational talks)
•            Non-comics writing (e.g., captions magazines, newspaper strips, script treatments, etc.)
•            Other media forms (e.g., film and television productions)
•            as a professional in the comics industry (e.g., as editor, publisher, co-creator etc.)
•            as an industry spokesperson

Throughout the book I will be including brief reflections by well known comic book artists and writers who gained a “Lesson from Lee”. Already 25 individuals are signed up to participate.

Please send a note of interest and intent to:<

A more formal abstract and brief CV will be required early in the new year. Please also forward this CFP to other interested parties and professional discussion lists. I would be happy to respond to any rough ideas you’d like to toss my way. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

/Best Wishes, Jeff

////Dr. Jeff McLaughlin Ph.D.//Full Professor (Philosophy) and Chair//Department of Philosophy, History, and Politics//Thompson Rivers University//805 University Drive//Kamloops BC Canada//V2C 0C8/

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