Jakob Dittmar

Publications on Comics (selection):

(2011) Comic-Analyse. UVK Konstanz, 220, ISBN 978-3-86764-301-6,

 Review Papers:
(forthcoming in 2019): “Sequential Images and Narrative Structures” in: The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarschip. Open Library of Humanities. 2019.

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 Research Papers:
Jakob Dittmar (forthcoming in 2019): “Narrative Strategies – African Types and Stereotypes in Comics” and in German: “Erzählstrategien – Afrikanische Typen und Stereotypen in Comics” in: Corinne Lüthy, Reto Ulrich, Antonio Uribe (Hrsg./eds.): Kaboom! Von Stereotypen und Superheroes – Afrikanische Comics und Comics zu Afrika; Kaboom! Of Stereotypes and Superheroes – African Comics and Comics on Africa. Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2019.

Ofer, Ashkenazi & Jakob Dittmar: ”Comics as Historiography”. Paper presented at conference: Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism (22.-23.02.2018, Giessen). Published in: Schmidt, Johannes and Laura Schlichting (eds.): Graphic Realities. ImageText 11:1, 2019.

 Ofer, Ashkenazi & Jakob Dittmar (2018): “Negotiating Documentation in Comics”. In: International Journal of Comic Art, Vol. 20:1, Spring/Summer 2018; 587-597.

 Jakob Dittmar (2014): “Comics for the Blind and for the Seeing” in: International Journal of Comic Art, Vol. 16:1, Spring 2014; 477-486.

 Jakob Dittmar (2012): “Digital Comics” in: Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art (SJoCA), Winter 2012; 82–91.