K3 Research Seminar: Saskia Gullstrand – Cinematic Storytelling in Comics

Film and comics share one very fundamental storytelling technique – the image montage, which offers the possibility to show the story to the reader through a sequence of images. Through artistic research, I’m investigating what montage strategies artists can use to create a cinematic flow in comics, and the effects it can have on the emotional involvement of the reader of narrative comics.

In this seminar, I’ll discuss what cinematic flow within comics narration can look like, with a focus on grid structure in page layout, the relationship between images and text and the use of dynamic “camera” perspectives and field sizes in the images. By combining my viewpoint as a comics creator and storyteller with academic comics theory, I want to conduct artistic research in comics that exists in dialogue with other forms of comics research, but also serve artists and their practices as storytellers.

This is work in progress. From the seminar, I’d like constructive critique on how to move forward, but also exchange ideas on how to create a dialogue on methods of artistic research between academia and comics artists, as well as an exchange of knowledge and perspectives on comics as an art form.  

November 18 at 10.00 AM (CET) on Zoom: https://mau-se.zoom.us/j/65766558955?pwd=RUNrUGtBNnZWcGtUZUFONGZQM21UUT09

Online-Lecture by Walter Scott, 10 Nov 2020

Kunsthochschule Mainz is hosting an online lecture by Walter Scott, Toronto,

on Tuesday, 10. November 2020, at 18.30

In this presentation, Walter Scott will give an overview of the past ten years of his art practice, focusing on the relationship between the fiction and reality of the author and the work. He will speak about his fictional comic book character, Wendy, as well as his more gallery-focused installations, drawings, and sculptures. He will discuss how sculptural, material processes can stand as metaphors for experiences, and how that is then re-integrated into narrative fiction.

Walter Scott b. 1985, is an interdisciplinary artist working across comics, drawing, video, performance and sculpture. His comic series, Wendy, chronicles the continuing misadventures of a young artist in a satirical version of the contemporary art world.  Wendyhas been featured in Canadian Art, Art in America, and published online on the New Yorker. Recent exhibitions include The Scrawled Heel of the Real, Ashley (Berlin), and The Pathos Of Mandy, at the ISCP, New York. Walter Scott was recently an artist-in-residence, at the ISCP, in Brooklyn, New York. His new graphic novel, Wendy, Master of Art, is now available from Drawn & Quarterly.

How to register for the lecture:

Please register at the following mail-address: alternatemode@kunsthochschule-mainz.de .
You will receive a link to the zoom-session then. The session will be opened 10 minutes before the lecture starts, so that you can connect and settle in in good time before the lecture starts.

Virtual Roundtable Series of the International Comic Arts Forum’s 2020 Virtual Conference

This week marks the kick-off for the Virtual Roundtable Series of the International Comic Arts Forum’s 2020 Virtual Conference <http://www.internationalcomicartsforum.org/virtualconferenceprogram.html>.
Please join us on Thursday, November 5th at 7pm ET(4pm PT) for a roundtable discussion on
*“From Gender and Violence to Cyborgs and Selfhood:Feminist Discourses in Female-led Superhero Comics” * <http://www.internationalcomicartsforum.org/feministdiscourse.html>
featuring<https://twitter.com/CarolynCocca>Susan Kirtley, Carolyn Cocca, and Sam Langsdale
Please follow the above link to find the pre-recorded talks from our roundtable participants as well as links to presentation transcripts.
This virtual roundtable event will be moderated by ICAF’s Emily Decker-Bessand streamed live via Zoom Webinar.
Please register here to participate: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QfN-MNE7RgKEW0TzrEhBNQ
For more information on #ICAFVIRTUAL <https://twitter.com/hashtag/ICAFVIRTUAL?src=hashtag_click>programming, please check out the ICAF 2020 Virtual Conference Program <http://www.internationalcomicartsforum.org/virtualconferenceprogram.html>.

The ICAF 2020 Virtual Conference and Virtual Roundtable Series <http://www.internationalcomicartsforum.org/virtualconferenceprogram.html>:

Due to COVID-19, the International Comics Arts Forum (ICAF 2020) to be held concurrently with the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, was canceled. However, we have reimagined a way for accepted ICAF panelists to make their contribution to ICAF and are organizing a series of online events to achieve the ICAF mission of celebrating comics through scholarship.

Over the next several months, ICAF will host a sequence of virtual panels featuring accepted ICAF presentations. All panelists who were accepted for ICAF 2020 have been welcomed to participate in our online programming with the intention of curating monthly virtual events around specific themes.
Each presenter on our virtual roundtable series has made a pre-recording of their presentation (roughly 10 or 15 minutes) to be posted online prior to the roundtable session, which will then be streaming live on the first Thursday of every month. We encouraged presenters to produce PowerPoint presentations with images and voiceovers (and an accompanying transcript), both for reasons of accessibility and for consistency. Then each presenter will participate in a live roundtable-style discussion of their research along with two or three other presenters for approximately one hour. In this live session, each presenter will give a 5 minute summary of their presentation, before the panelists, along with an ICAF moderator, explore those themes together. These live sessions will be recorded and subsequently posted by ICAF.
While there is no true substitution for the face-to-face version of ICAF, we hope that our 2020 virtual programming will generate the kind of participation and discussion ICAF is known for, while supporting the work of current members of the ICAF community and connecting comics scholars around the world.

For questions or comments, please reach out to Biz Nijdam at elizabeth.nijdam@gmail.com <mailto:elizabeth.nijdam@gmail.com> or Frank Bramlett at frank.bramlett@gmail.com <mailto:frank.bramlett@gmail.com>.

Saskia Gullstrand, Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl: Un/making pollination through graphical visualisations

(From https://blogg.mah.se/k3researchblog/ posted by Bo Reimer 2020-10-28)

Welcome to a K3 seminar with Saskia Gullstrand, Lecturer in Comics, K3, Li Jönsson, Associate Senior Lecturer in Design, K3, Kristina Lindström, Senior Lecturer in Product Design, K3, and Åsa Ståhl, Senior Lecturer in Design, Linnaeus University.

The title of the seminar is Un/making pollination through graphical visualisations

This will be an online seminar, carried out through Zoom, and it will take place on Wednesday, November 4 at 10.15-12.00. Please join here:


Below you will find an abstract and three pictures that it would be good if you had available during the seminar.


Reports, observations, predictions and speculation tell us stories about a limited future. In the project Un/Making Pollination we have engaged in one particular prediction of a thin future: the alarming loss of pollinators, and along with that many of our present times fruits, vegetables, berries and more that we take for granted today.

How do these (often) thin predictions and speculations of the future influence the way we act in the present and the here and now? How do they influence how we relate to, prepare for, and intervene into the future?

In this seminar we will discuss these questions through a series of public engagement events that approach these matters of concerns through different material engagements and expressions. This includes enacting appetizer recipes, the making of hand-pollination tools and narration through poetic comics.

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Malmö Comics Research Lab at Skillinge Comics Festival 2020

Official poster by Moa Romanova (image) och Kalle Mattsson (typography) 2020.

A panel of 3 lectures + discussion on comics research (live – via Zoom)

On Friday September 11th, Malmö Comics Research Lab will present research in progress. Jakob Dittmar will discuss documentary narration in Charlie Christensens comics, Saskia Gullstrand will give her view on comics and artistic research and Gunnar Krantz will talk about the praxis of  inking. The panel will be followed by a discussion with comics artists participating in the exhibitions at the festival.
The panel will take place between 10 to 12 AM, followed by a discussion at 13.30 to 15 PM.

For more info about the festival, please visit the official website:


Recorded seminars (more will follow):

Gunnar Krantz – introduction:

Saskia Gullstrand on comics and artistic research:

Gunnar Krantz on the praxis of inking: